Birds of prey 23: review

I’m not sure someone will ever do a better job than gail simone on birds of prey. Never been a fan since the relaunch . The art isn’t bad but nothing  new. I will give 2 out of 4. Now the main story is the problem, why is my favorite character the talon? Why? I […]

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Batwoman 23: review

One book has been on the top of my reading list every month: Batman. Close second is Batwoman, with spectacular art, this saga has been surprising, and entertaining. Mixing love interest, rebirth of a sidekick, counterespionnage in the batman world, mythological enemy, … This is one fun ride. Batwoman 23 is no exception: With a […]

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Red hood and the outlaws 23: review

One of my favorite comics with the launch of the new 52, is now a big mess: Roy seems to be now the big hero but as far as i remember it’s called red Hood and the outlaws not arsenal and the outlaws. I’m sure roy’s fans will be sad to see him acting like […]

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Pandora 3: review

With such a cover i was curious what constantine and batman were gonna do this one:     Except the one most important thing, batman doesn’t appear in this one. No batman, no catwoman. The art isn’t bad so i will give 3/4. Now the story is bad, so bad, i thought i couldn’t read […]

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justice league dark 23: review

Still another part of the pandora’s box saga, this issue suffers from bad colors and some missing action scenes. Yes everyone fights everyonr for the golden head, but it’s considered like like a subplot and no one is picking my interest. I really don’t care who will win. Only constantine and zatanna prove they are […]

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Batman and nightwing 23: review

This is the total blast i have been waiting for: the art is as great as ever, gleason is the main master of shadow, and it’s fine to revive these « episodes » with his art, not chris burnham. This is epic: 4/4 on the art. Now the story: it’s great to see that the internet3.0 is […]

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Stage 1: Arkham escape


  First stage of the game, i think you all remember when batman and joker fight (together) in the first issue of batman 1./ This stage was originally a creation from dev. He is now redone with new ground ,ALL THE CELLS, and the glass one from the joker: broken, the big guy and even DR PYG […]

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world’s finest 15 review

This lupachino sure knows how to pencil an attractive power girl. i’m really glad they bring her old suit bacK. Helena looks more like her father in this, and the subplot that desaad knows she is related to the batman (which one?) is very productive for the issues to come. I think i saw a […]

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review: suicide squad 23

Big disappointment. This comics as been of late really good with superstar patrick zircher on the art. he did wonders on nightwing and iron man. The cast has been great with james gordon jr back from the batgirl comics., deadshot and harley quinn. But this month is BAAAAAAAd. rick leonardi is on the art, and […]

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Justice league of america 7 review

Big crossover between all the justice league books, « The trinity war » this story has been so far a slow motion movie. We know something is happening, everyone is on the nerves and … nothing happens. Dr psycho has now a worse look than before in the new 52, luthor is gonna touch the pandora box: […]

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