Batman 23 review

Batman 23 review dans review Batman-23-CV-610x250Ok,

let’s just say i have been a little disappointed by this one.

Why? because it’s a new version of the first time he puts on the suit. The why and the how he choses to dress as a bat.

Even if we have the best version version in « batman year one », even if the one from « batman begins » wasn’t so bad, this one is a mix with technology added and the result miss the goal.

The only character that keeps my interest in this saga is the red hood (lol). We don’t know who he is, but he is dawn well superior to bruce so far.

bm23_p03_COLORlo dans review

greg managed to do his best with the art, but it’s becoming more and more way too cartoony for me. i will nonetheless give 4/4.

I will only give 6/10, thanks to the art. I ‘m sure snyder will make something breathtaking in the following stories, he should never have changed the mythology of the batman’s origin.


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