review: suicide squad 23

review: suicide squad 23 dans review SSSquad-23-CV-610x250

Big disappointment.

This comics as been of late really good with superstar patrick zircher on the art. he did wonders on nightwing and iron man.

The cast has been great with james gordon jr back from the batgirl comics., deadshot and harley quinn.

But this month is BAAAAAAAd. rick leonardi is on the art, and it’s so bad, i couldn’t appreciate the story. the colors are flat. And the story managed to mix deadshot old personna from before the new 52 ,with the new one.

Let ‘s face it, leonardi was the reason i hated nightwing, batgirl and vigilante when he was there, now isn’t the exception. so art note: 1/4.

Final note, with a story so unimpressive it’s the worst note of the week: 3 out of 10.

avoid this comics for your sake.


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