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This lupachino sure knows how to pencil an attractive power girl. i’m really glad they bring her old suit bacK.

Helena looks more like her father in this, and the subplot that desaad knows she is related to the batman (which one?) is very productive for the issues to come. I think i saw a little error with the fact that her costume regrows, but whatever the charm is here, art: 3/4, not 4 because’ the actions sequences could be more efficients.

Paul levitz gives us another « the girls are rtapped, but they escaped fighting together » story . It’s not my taste and i’m sure it will be better to read in tpb.

Let’s face it, it’s the same concept these world’s finest books published in the 70/80′s. Except these are women and not bruce and clark. I understand the appeal and nostalgia (and contrast too), but it’s outdated. i can’t say i’m standing breathless after reading one of these issues, so far.

Nonetheless, the big problem with this one is the ending:

« power girl lost her powers », that’s the first spoiler i give and why? because these kind of things ruin the book. I can’t stand anymore these stories. How many times has superman lost his power? or supergirl? I know it’s a new universe but it’s booooooooooooooooooooring.

Final note: 6/10.



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  1. Penetrator 19 août 2013 à 13 h 23 min #

    Thank you !!!!!!

    your world are magic, i dream of you every night, it’s wonderful, incredible, yes you are my heros

    Big kissssss, see you later

  2. petitbonnet 19 août 2013 à 13 h 57 min #

    Yes Penetrator it’s so crazy, that you say is true !!!!!
    It s a real heros and it’s a magic and delicious travel every night

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