Batman and nightwing 23: review

Batman and nightwing 23: review dans review 3035651-bmntwcv23r1jpg-5ea18e

This is the total blast i have been waiting for:

the art is as great as ever, gleason is the main master of shadow, and it’s fine to revive these « episodes » with his art, not chris burnham.

This is epic: 4/4 on the art.

Now the story:

it’s great to see that the internet3.0 is still alive cause we haven’t seen it since the first ending from batman incorporated 8 from pre 52,

now on the story big spoilers ahead:

batman tries to find a way to save his son by trying multi scenari in the internet 3.0 that is like a videogame, alfred asks nightwing to stop him, but instead they both go together and managed to save damian fighting in the videogame. The big splash page with the three of them together is breathtaking and we clearly see what we saw only a piece in batman inc 12 when nightwing kills the bad guy.

But after this, it’s back to the reality and the pain is still there, damian’s death is still difficult for bruce and nightwing ‘s words will manage to take from you some tears.

If it didn’t, the scene with alfred will but that would be telling.

after this the one question you should be asking you is:

And you?

cause for me i realized that damian is now dead for all the batbooks and i feel like i lost a little brother that made me laugh a lot.

final note: 9/10

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