Pandora 3: review

With such a cover i was curious what constantine and batman were gonna do this one:

Pandora 3: review dans review TRIPAND_Cv3_5g856k5zwv_



Except the one most important thing, batman doesn’t appear in this one. No batman, no catwoman.

The art isn’t bad so i will give 3/4.

Now the story is bad, so bad, i thought i couldn’t read something worse than last suicide squad issue but i was wrong.

This is the same story that we saw in justice league dark 23 except that pandora is seeing the seven sins and fighting them.

It’s a complete mess that ruins the story, it doesn’t add something, it makes the saga worse.

Icould point every little things that i hate in this one, but i fear i don’t have enought words to describe the worst comics of the month.


Final note: 3/10, yes he only got the points from the art.

Buy this one just for the cover or print it if you can.

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