Red hood and the outlaws 23: review

One of my favorite comics with the launch of the new 52, is now a big mess:

Red hood and the outlaws 23: review dans review 315px-Red_Hood_and_The_Outlaws_Vol_1-23_Cover-1_Teaser

Roy seems to be now the big hero but as far as i remember it’s called red Hood and the outlaws not arsenal and the outlaws.

I’m sure roy’s fans will be sad to see him acting like a geek with weapons, everyone in this book seems uncoordonated.

The art is 3 out of 4 cause i’m not sure it’s the penciller’s fault but i have doubts:

Screen+Shot+2013-08-16+at+4.07.24+PM dans review

the manbats are only here to make me remember it’s a batbooks, starfire is useless, not even sexy, Cheshire now has powers, Shiva is a what? c ause she didn’t do anything.

And jason has no memories since 2 issues ago so i wasn’t expecting him to do something great.

This kind of « the chosen one » stories have been seen before way too much so how can i give more than:


final note: 5/10. just the average because i’m interested by this new league of assassins.

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