Batwoman 23: review

One book has been on the top of my reading list every month: Batman. Close second is Batwoman, with spectacular art, this saga has been surprising, and entertaining.

Mixing love interest, rebirth of a sidekick, counterespionnage in the batman world, mythological enemy, …

This is one fun ride.

Batwoman 23 is no exception:

Batwoman 23: review dans review batwoman23_cov

With a flasback due to scarecrow’s toxin, we don’t learn anything new. We are now well aware captain and sawyer and kate are in love, so this wasn’t the most interesting part of the book

 dans review

Now the part on flamebird (the first Batgirl in the dc comics world) is my taste. She now proves she isn’t just a good looking and athletic girl, she has brains to go with it.

Flamebird is the ray of sun of this book every month, with kate’s father. Their interaction keep surprising me and giving me such a good time.

We kow the big fight versus the Deo and batman is coming and i ‘m counting the days to see it.

Mccarthy’s art isn’t his best, he didn’t do a lot here, so i will give: 2 out of 4. There isn’t any of his breathtaking’s sense of view where the action is moving from near to away like he did before.This is the first time he isn’t in impressive shape.

Final note: 6/10.

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