Birds of prey 23: review

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I’m not sure someone will ever do a better job than gail simone on birds of prey.

Never been a fan since the relaunch . The art isn’t bad but nothing  new. I will give 2 out of 4.

Now the main story is the problem, why is my favorite character the talon? Why? I hate talons, but batgirl is a « poor baby girl » that needs help, dinah isn’t this strong woman we used to love. And i don’t really care about this team 7 stories. Except if deathstroke says hello. But he doesn’t.

Her husband is alive and a prisonner from the bad guy, wow, am i supposed to feel excited by this? We saw him before in teen titans.

I’m really hoping gail would take the reins back, it would be the better way for batgirl that is lost since the fake death of her brother.

The only thing i enjoyed was the batgirl/talon’s teamwork. Cause that’s the only thing i hope to read in this book: « teamwork ». Friendship would be welcome too, but i will keep hoping.

Final note: 5/10.


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